October 17 - 23  Advance Your Practice 

This is a training for those who would like to take their yoga practice to a new level without an intention of immediately becoming a teacher. This intensive training will give you a set of practical and theoretical tools to help fine tune your self adjustment skills, to master your attention, to deepen pranayama experience and to take your yoga practice beyond the physical aspect of it.

We will focus on feeling and sensing, on proprioception - the position of your body in spacetime, and interoception - the internal state of our body. Ww will also sharpen our mindfulness and attention to gain more control over where we direct our energy.


8:00 - 9.30 Awakening morning qigong practice Shaolin style, yoga asana practice in different yoga styles and rhythms every day to let the students experience as many different possible ways of putting a class together as possible. 


10:00 - 12:00  Questions and answers about the morning program, students’ experience with different techniques presented during the morning program and detailed look at every asana used in the morning practice: it’s mental and physical aspects, anatomy, alignment principles, mental and physical effects, special notes for different levels and abilities of the students.

12:00 -13:00 Green juice detox and a healthy organic Ayurvedic vegetarian lunch


13:00 - 15:00 Homework from the previous day discussions. Students present a short sequence we all practice together as a group and then discuss the teaching methods chosen, cues, teacher presence, asana alignments and adjustments performed by the student during the demonstration.

15:00 - 15.30 Creative part to reset the mind during an intense day: drawing, painting, mandala creation, personal time and building a community time.


15.30 - 17.00 Continue with the students presentation of their short sequences, with questions and answers about teaching methodology, cueing, alignments and adjustments and any other topic that can be useful.


* Please note that activities/time may vary slightly during the week

PRICES (per person)

CHF 750 chf/pers 

Words on teacher Svetlana from her teacher:

`Svetlana is a fully certified Yogic Arts teacher of the Vira Vinyasa, or Warrior Flow style yoga system, as taught by myself, system creator, Duncan Wong.

I have personally trained her over the past decade to what I consider to be an advanced level, with a personal note that Svetlana has an inherent gift to excel in the healing field and an impressive ability to pierce through the outer limitations of structure and penetrate the deeper meaning and connection between movements and theory.

I recommend her with my full authority as a respected teacher in the global yogic field during the past three decades.



Duncan Wong



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