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Sophie Guntzer

Since her very first yoga class in London, Sophie has loved yoga and the way it has helped her being
more present and grounded through the ups and downs of life.
She finally did her first 200 hrs TTC to learn the traditional Hatha Yoga tradition.Fascinated with the healing transformative power of yoga, Sophie also trained in Hormone Yoga and deep breathing practices as well as slow restorative yoga.
Coming back to the mat is always a path to reconnect to our body who holds all of our emotions and tensions and through listening to our body without judgement one is able to experience a deeper,
calming presence.
More recently, she has been learning and practising the mesmerising practices of Qigong.
Sophie loves to share her passion for the transformative power of Yoga and Qigong, in a very calm and gentle wa
y, guiding people back to their inner peace and power, through simple poses, breathing practices and powerful visualisations. She has a very good experience of practices for stress and anxiety, having had to deal with it herself.

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