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Elisa Neaud

Elisa is a French naturopath and massage therapist based in Verbier.  She likes to take care of others since her childhood, always happy to help people feel better and contribute to a more beautiful world!


Spreading positive energy, she believes that massage is a wonderful way to give love and compassion to other human beings. Very sensitive, empathetic, she is very receptive to clients' requests and identifies what clients need during their treatments to relax your mind and body.

With naturopathy, Elisa helps you to identify why you are suffering and how to get back to an harmony thanks to natural techniques like nutrition, dietetic, phytotherapy, breath work, floral elixirs, micro-nutrition, hydrology and more.


Her philosophy is that health is gained or lost every day, in each act of our daily life, so she aims to help YOU to find your magical recipe, get back to your deep nature and live in shape, in joy, and in health!

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