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We offer some unique therapies to help you reach your optimum physical, mental and emotional health.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a personalised, lab and science-based approach that seeks to find and address the underlying causes of disease and decline, and to promote optimal health long-term.

Do you have a health concern you would like to find and address the root cause for, or would simply like more depth to your prevention strategy?

Dive into your health history, symptoms and goals, decide on specialised testing* such as food allergies, hormones, gut microbiome, heavy metal load and more.

The initial consultation includes:

  •  In- depth Initial Strategy Consultation (on Zoom) with Mirthe (up to 75 minutes) to decide on bespoke testing

  • Receive help organising bespoke testing* and a preliminary protocol with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to get you started on right away

  •  Access to the self-paced online course ‘Upgrade your health’ to learn more about how to upgrade your diet, sleep, movement and more for optimal health, some FAQs, plus some simplified scientific explanations on why these are important (90 CHF value).

Initial Consultation 350 CHF,   170 CHF Follow ups


Reiki is a deeply relaxing, hands on Japanese healing technique, which improves the body's own self healing mechanism. Translated from Japanese it means 'Universal Life Force Energy' Reiki is beneficial on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level and some of its many benefits are:

*Relaxes mind and body
*Relieves pain, stress, anxiety and depression
*Speeds up the healing of wounds, surgery and traumas.

During a treatment hands will be placed gently and passively in different positions over and on the body, while the practitioner channels this Reiki energy. When we work with the energy field in a healing way, we can help the body return to a state of wellness much faster. Integrating Reiki with massage can enhance the body's healing experience.


60 mins 140 chf


Naturopathy is considered a traditionnal european medicine approach and is supported by ASCA complémentary health insurance. The aim is to help you to identify why you are suffering and how to get back to an harmony thanks to natural techniques like nutrition, dietetic, phytotherapy, breath work, floral elixirs, micro-nutrition, hydrology and more.


Our health is gained or lost every day, in each act of our daily life so with an overview of all contributing elements, you  can find your personal magical recipe for balance, return to your true nature and live in shape, in joy, and in health!


60 mins 130 chf

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