Marielle Lorenz

Born in Switzerland and based in the mountains, Marielle is qualified in Healing Magnetism (Biomagnetic Healing with the Hands). Since finishing her training under the supervision of Dominique Quiquerez, she is currently practising in Valais.

Highly empathic and intuitive, she has a deep ability to help people rebalance their body, mind and spirit and heal. She can adapt her treatment to each person, in relation to their needs.

She is also a qualified Kids Yoga Teacher. She wishes to pass on the beautiful practice of alignment of body, mind and spirit to the younger ones, so they too can have a space to connect with their being, in a playful way.  When she is not doing any of these things, you can find her skiing, surfing, skateboarding, dancing or contemplating nature by a quiet river or in a magical forest.

Marielle is also artist and fluent in English, French and German.