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Nina Mollberg

Nina started early with passion for dancing, horse back riding, kickboxing, and skiing from 3 years old. The passion grew into more than hobbies and from 14 years old started teaching classes in kickboxing and dancing in sweden and California. 
Continously cidesco exams of massage , Beauty- and spa therapies since 2007 and personal trainer since  2008. 

As trainer Nina has many areas of focus if needed, posture alignment,  during and after pregnancy, functional training, weight loss , bodyweight training  yoga, breathwork, and also with some rehab areas after coming back from an injury. She also do coaching with nutrition for weight loss , gaining weight,  and anti inflammatory food for skin conditions etc. 

She has Traveled around the world working in 5 star hotels spa and fitness areas before she landed in verbier 2012, and been here most winters since then. For few years she was also based in Stockholm Master Training and Grand Hotel.

As a masseuse she can find your triggerpoints, and tension, help out if back /neck problem for releases. 
Sport massage , trigger release, or relaxation ,or maybe a mix. What you prefer at the moment.

One of the other specialities is really to help out with skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, scars tissue, wrinkles and unelasticity in skin. When having a facial treatment or dermapen microneedling treatment, she will give you an  instant glow and moist plumped feeling, and also give you recommendations for what products to use for homecare.

Nina wants you to feel and see results with everything and the progress of it, no matter if it is the skin or the body. Get the sensation to balance everything out and have you become the best version of yourself.

She gives amazing high intensity classes including: cardio box, piloxing, zumba, dance fitness, pilates curcuit, balance & strenght curcuits, core flow, crosstraining, yoga,  and continously more. Her energy is in infectious and will leave you buzzing for the rest of the day.

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