Patricia Sainz de Rosas

Patricia first experienced yoga when she moved from her native city, Madrid, to the mountains of Lake Tahoe, in Northern California, at the age of 18 pursuing her passion for nature and outdoor sports.


After falling deeply in love with the practice and philosophy of yoga, in 2014 Patricia spent 5 transformative months in India, where she took her teacher training in Kerala. Since then, she has been sharing her passion with others around the world, and continues to learn the infinite wisdom of this ancient practice.


The main focus of her work is to bring you to a state of dynamic equilibrium of mind, body, and spirit. By learning how to relax, providing tools to deal with stress, anxiety and depression, inspiring you to move, learning to be present, surrender to what is, loving yourself, and awakening a heart centred connection to life, she aims to help you integrate peace into your life and bring a blissful and harmonious state of wellbeing.