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It all started with a thirst to live life differently, with a desire to be free from conditioning. Already living in a community at 16 years old, it was only a year later that the road to India was taken to discover Mother Earth and her mysteries. The sages, the philosophy, the rituals as well as the cuisine of the sub-continent were instantly intoxicating, a few more journeys and the mystical practice of Yoga was approached. From her 20s, the foot was on the mat and did not come off. During this decade it was the practice of Iyengar, then the whole of her thirties and still to this day Ashtanga rhythms the days.  Also trained in Jivamukti, Joanna’s 12 years of teaching are borrowed from these three practices. Her classes are fluid with an emphasis on alignment, influenced by philosophy, but also sometimes, if not frequently, from British humour.

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