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Gaëlle Roussel


Gaëlle, originally from France, has many strings to her bow having started in the field of well-being as a masseuse ten years ago. This lover of nature and simplicity discovered yoga during her travels, notably in Canada where she worked in a studio, which gave her the opportunity to practise various styles and to open herself to this beautiful philosophy.

In 2019, she trained for the 200 hours RYS Yoga Alliance in Hatha and started teaching. Later that same year, she arrived in Verbier in search of the Swiss snow and joined Inspire as studio manager. With the fabulous meeting of the Inspire team, she continued to discover other universes around fitness and yoga, which led her to continue her training with Aerial yoga and the hammock.

Air Yoga is curious, creative and relaxing but always playful and light hearted, just like Gaëlle!

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