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Kirstin Robertson

A senior yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance Professionals, Kirstin believes everyone can benefit from yoga. When she attended her first class over 20 years ago she thought it was just exercise! After the session, she noticed that she felt different. She loved the physical aspect, the focus on the breath & the sense of being calm yet energised.


Since 2009 Kirstin has taught teenagers, octogenarians & every decade in between. Her speciality is in modifying sessions to the needs of the group or individual. Movements are simple. Time is given for skill-building. You are encouraged to pay attention to your breath & body.


During a class Kirstin offers guidance & gives space so your experience can unfold. Whether you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner there is always something to learn. She encourages you to notice the quality of each movement. You are invited to move with awareness, to discover the sweet spot between effort & ease. It may be challenging at times, but it will never overwhelm. She has a warm, sincere & light-hearted approach to yoga, she makes yoga accessible to every body.

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